Pre production images for my third and final game for my game design class

an unnamed platformer 

I hope your games design class is much better than mine. I got a 2.5D platforming game idea that I need to create some assets for. 

My games design course is so bad that I’m actually planning on teaching everything that my tutors failed to teach the rest of us via youtube or even a little tutoring program or something.

Anyone here wanna make a Wildstar guild? I pre-ordered it and I’m in the beta.



frozen was mediocre and the musical numbers were nothing special why does everyone like it so much

^. fucking wreck-it ralph was 10 times better in my opinion.

people just like it cuz FEMLES 





Wreck it Ralph and Lego Movie are my current fave movies of all time followed by the Cornetto trillogy. They’re funny, amazing looking, they gave good messages and they both made me almost tear up at certain points.

you know whats funny? The course I’m taking at college is basically what I want to do. Yet it’s currently been the worst time of my life. Doing business studies at my last college wasn’t as bad as this, I still want to do games design but I’m best of teaching myself and others.

I’m going to start tagging these as #rant so you guys can get rid of them if you don’t want em.

Oh my god all the writing I have to do for a design course is fucking painful. It literally fucking hurts. I’m not the kind of person to do massive amounts of writing about things I don’t really care for. Especially when we just get a disorganized vague list of things that our tutors basically tells us to copy and paste from the internet, it’s more annoying when it’s incredibly hard to find what you need online because the tutor doesn’t teach.

Wildstar - 40 vs 40 man Warplot Battles

Hell yes!

You know what has actually got me in a bit of a good mood?

Me and my mum were talking about me working a nightshift at toys R us, (She’s the floor manager there) And she said it pays very well. If I got that job I’d say fuck you to this college and course, work to buy a full version of maya then do a whole series of tutorials and lessons based on games design and 3D modelling for games. Then i’d be able to do what my current tutors couldn’t and teach people properly as well as continue teaching myself 3D modelling. 

I might actually be happy then.

People should start installing PCs on hinged tables or railed tables next to sliding doors. That way when it’s sunny you can just move the PC outside and do your blogging.

For people who need a powerful PC for their stuff and not a laptop.

(More thought would need to go in to this but it’s an idea.)


This got to be a fucking troll.

i mean

this person is reblogging

art and fics from EVERYBODY

and yelling that its his.


Of course it is, no one can be that stupid.

Also Dat NSFW sonic and tails background.